About Us

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

Smoky Hill Engineering, LLC, is a Colorado-based Civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Company. Our staff members are highly skilled and experienced Professional Engineers (PEs), licensed to practice in most states and representing some of the highest esteemed Denver Engineering Firms.

Our client list consists of developers, small and large contractors, builders, EPC companies, architect offices, public agencies, power companies, and renewable energy companies. Our overhead cost is minimal, meaning that our engineering services are always affordable as we only charge for time and resources spent on your projects.

We pride ourselves on providing quality engineering services at reasonable prices.

A Team Built to Solve

All of our team members are committed to providing high quality services without charging exorbitant prices or compromising on quality in order to meet deadlines or price ranges. We’re always delivering our best, and have handpicked our team to fit those ideals.

Our Values

Deliver Quality Work

We’re dedicated to delivering high quality work that fulfills and exceeds your expectations. We’ve worked on high profile engineering projects such as the Denver International Airport Expansion Project, and we’d be happy to work on yours as well.

Cultivate A Community

Our goal is forming long-lasting relationships with our clients and with the various communities we serve, bringing to life engineering projects that innovate and improve on various aspects of daily life.

Think Outside the Box

We don’t just take the straightforward path to finish our jobs. We’re constantly experimenting with new and more efficient ways to deliver on projects, or to solve an old problem in a fresh and exciting way. We aim to stay flexible even in an industry known for being immovable.

Our Clients And Partners