Smoky Hill Engineering engineers and consultants have delivered projects to its clients successfully. With energy and enthusiasm, we resolved some of the most significant issues of our clients and made some of the most complex sites functional. Since the start of our company, we have developed multiple engineering projects and solutions for various sites. A few of our ongoing and completed projects include but not limited to Engineering  Services to Denver International Airport Expansion Project, Design of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Foundations, Design of Solar Sites, On-Call Projects, Permit Services, and Inspection Services.

We can be your reliable partner in your project, and please contact us for further information.  

DEN Expansion Project

Providing engineering services for Denver International Airport Expansion Project

Substation and Transmission

Design of electrical substation and transmission line structures

Solar Sites

Provided civil and structural engineering services to ground mounted and rooftop solar projects

Equipment Foundation 

Designed foundation to electrical and mechanical equipment

Permit Services

Supported clients to obtain building permits

Inspection Services

Provide construction inspection to verify if the work is conducted in accordance with approved drawings and specifications