Smoky Hill Engineering, LLC is a Colorado-based civil and Structural Engineering Consulting Company. Our staff members represent one of the best Denver Engineering Firms, and are highly skilled and experienced Professional Engineers (PEs) with license to practice in most of the states. We provide services to clients from a broad range of industries. Our client list comprises developers, small- and large-scale contractors, builders, EPC companies, architect offices, public agencies, power companies, and oil and gas companies. Our overhead cost is minimal, which means that we charge our clients only for the time and resources spent on the project. Providing quality engineering service with cost reduction is our hallmark. 


Demeke B. Ashebo, Ph.D., P.E., Principal

Demeke has a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in diverse industries, including aviation, transportation, energy and industrial projects. With his dexterity in civil and structural engineering, Demeke exhibits responsiveness and a strong desire to meet clients’ expectations right from the pre-design site selection process through to the completion stages of their projects.

Prior to founding Smoky Hill Engineering, LLC, Demeke worked with leading global companies such as Boeing, Abengoa, Gannett Fleming Inc, AWS Truepower LLC, Kiewit, and Quanta Services; held senior engineering and managerial positions; and contributed immensely to the growth of these organizations.

A few of his experiences in the civil and structural engineering industry encompass engineering analysis and design, QA/QC, EPC and Design-Build projects, contract documents, technical specification writing, field inspection, independent engineering, and project management. In addition to this, Demeke has contributed immensely to the advancement of civil and structural engineering research and development. He published his research works in reputable peer-reviewed journals in the industry. His publications can be found at google scholar.

Demeke holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering, M.Sc. in Structural Engineering and B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer holding licenses in multiple states.