Permit Services

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Project Description

The Permit Services Project involved Smoky Hill Engineering providing comprehensive support to clients in applying for and obtaining building permits from various Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) entities. Our team ensured that design documents and specifications were developed in accordance with the requirements of the relevant AHJs, streamlining the permitting process for our clients and ensuring timely approvals.


Our team has extensive experience working with numerous AHJs in Colorado, including the City and County of Denver, Douglas County, the City of Aurora, Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, the Town of Castle Rock, Adams County, and many others. We have also collaborated with AHJs outside of Colorado, showcasing our versatility in adapting to different regional requirements and regulations.

What We Did

Smoky Hill Engineering assisted clients in navigating the complex building permit application process by developing design documents and specifications that met AHJ requirements. Our team collaborated closely with clients, reviewed their project plans, and prepared necessary documentation to facilitate a smooth permit approval process. We also provided guidance and consultation on any questions or concerns clients had regarding permitting.

Final Result

Through our Permit Services, Smoky Hill Engineering has successfully supported numerous clients in obtaining building permits from a wide range of AHJs in Colorado and beyond. Our expertise in developing compliant design documents and specifications has helped clients expedite the permitting process, allowing them to commence construction in a timely manner. By providing exceptional customer service and technical expertise, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for clients seeking assistance with building permits.

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