DEN Expansion Project

The floor of a large building is under construction.

Project Description

The DEN Expansion Project was an ambitious initiative aimed at increasing the capacity of Denver International Airport (DEN) by 30%. Our team played a crucial role in supporting the prime contractor, contributing our expertise in engineering services for the B-East and C-East Concourse Expansion programs.


The project took place at Denver International Airport, which is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. The expansion focused on the B-East and C-East Concourses, both critical parts of the airport’s infrastructure.

What We Did

Our team collaborated closely with the prime contractor to provide engineering services throughout the expansion project. We were responsible for design, planning, and execution of the engineering aspects of the B-East and C-East Concourse expansions. This involved optimizing the layout, ensuring structural integrity, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to facilitate a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Final Result

Upon completion of the DEN Expansion Project, Denver International Airport successfully increased its gate capacity by 30%. This has allowed the airport to accommodate more flights and passengers, reducing congestion and improving overall efficiency. The expanded B-East and C-East Concourses now offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, enhancing the travel experience for millions of passengers each year.

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The floor of a large building is under construction.

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