DEN Great Hall Completion PH3A, Center of Equity and Excellence

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Project Description

The DEN Great Hall Completion PH3A, Center of Equity and Excellence (CEEA) project is a groundbreaking development designed to foster collaboration between the community, Denver International Airport (DEN), the City and County of Denver (CCD), and the airline industry. As the structural engineer of record, Smoky Hill Engineering worked closely with the prime consultant to ensure the successful completion of this innovative project, which is a key component of DEN’s Vision 100 strategic plan for future growth and industry adaptation.


The project is situated within Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, USA. The CEEA is a prominent development at the heart of the airport, serving as a hub for collaboration and innovation in the aviation industry.

What We Did

Smoky Hill Engineering partnered with the prime consultant to provide structural engineering expertise for the CEEA project. Our responsibilities included designing and overseeing the construction of the structural elements, ensuring their safety, stability, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. We collaborated with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to develop an efficient, sustainable, and resilient design that meets the needs of all parties involved.

Final Result

The successful completion of the DEN Great Hall Completion PH3A, Center of Equity and Excellence project has resulted in a state-of-the-art facility that serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation within the aviation industry. By bringing together the community, DEN, CCD, and the airline industry, the CEEA is well-positioned to address the challenges of future growth and changes in the sector. The exceptional structural design and engineering provided by Smoky Hill Engineering ensure the CEEA will be a lasting and integral part of DEN’s Vision 100 strategic plan.

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